Project “Living Human Treasures of the Cross-Border Region” In 2018 Vidin Fund Chitalishte Association, as a leading partner, started implementing the project “The Living Human Treasures of the Trans-border Region” ROBG – 581, funded by the EU through the ERDF under the Cross – Border Cooperation Program INTERREG VA Romania – Bulgaria 2014-2020. The association has partnered with Chetete Municipality – Romania, with a project duration of one year (from 11.07.2018 to 10.07.2019). The total budget is 173,902.36 euros, of which 147,817.00 euros are provided by the ERDF. The main objective of the project is to emphasize the unique intangible heritage that the cross-border region has and on this basis to create attractive and sustainable tourist products. This will also contribute to preserving traditions by bringing to the fore the concern for people – the “living human treasures” that embody them and they will be encouraged to continue to improve their knowledge and skills and to pass them on to the next The following activities will be carried out within the project: • Exploration of the living human treasures of the cross-border region • Development of a joint strategy for conservation, development and promotion of the intangible cultural heritage of cross-border • Development and implementation of a special cycle of trainings for the holders of intangible cultural heritage (total six – three in Romania and three in Bulgaria) • Development of 1 new tourist route “Living human treasures of the cross – border region”. • Promotional events and creation of a project website • Organizing “Living Human Treasures” festivals – 1 in Bulgaria and 1 in Romania • Creating an information film and a catalog of “living human treasures.” The realization of the project will contribute to popularity of the unique intangible cultural heritage that is rich in the cross-border region and will demonstrate the enormous potential that this heritage has as a tourist resource. Five integrated tourism products will be created and a strategy for valorisation of intangible cultural heritage will be developed. The implementation of the two festivals will increase the number of overnight stays in the cross-border region by 700 and will contribute to the promotion of tourist products created within the project.